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Note : To Change Language Press "Ctrl G". It will stop Odia transliteration and whatever you type will be come in English. If you want to Type in Odia again, press "Ctrl G" again.

Simple Odia Typing

The simplest method for Odia (Oriya) Typing is transliteration method. In which you can type with your English keyboard and software will automatically convert it into Odia script. It's easiest way to Type in Odia without practicing Odia Keyboard layout. This English typed words get converted in Odia using transliteration technique. For example:

If you want to type - 'ନମସ୍କାର' Just type - 'namskar' and press spacebar.

Odia typing featured with suggestion word appear on top bar of typing box, by clicking on desired word you will get it on typing screen. You can type as long as you want it's free and fastest method for Oriya typing. Here you can copy and use the typed text anywhere you like to use.

You can type articles in Odia, Poems, Blogs, Facebook Post, X etc. using this tool. Just type, copy, paste and It's done!! No need to mess up with Odia Keyboard layout, font and licensee software. It's Simple, Free, Fast and Accurate Odia typing software.

Odia typing is important because Odiya is the native language of 60 Million (6 crore) peoples in World. Odia language is official language of Odisha (Orissa) and 2nd official language in Jharkhand states in India. Odia also spoken in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal in India. 

The inscription of the elephant cave shows that the original Oriya language is from the Pali language.

Writing system of Odiya is Left to Right and it's write using Kalinga (Odia) script which one has it's root in Brahmi script. The standard Odia Alphabet consist 12 vowels, 35 consonants and 10 numerals.

Power of Odia Language

01. Odia language was spoken in India more than 2,500 years ago.

02. The inscription of the elephant cave shows that the original Odia language is derived from the Pali language.

03. The origin of the Oriya literature can be traced to "Charyapada" written by the Buddhist Siddhas of Orissa.

04. Oriya is a subject–object–verb (SOV) language with a 3 tier tense system.

05. Odiya was the main language of Buddhism and Jainism.

06. The Oriya language designated as a classical language by Indian Government.